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Sorry for the above. I (the webster) haven’t figured out how to make this info appear on either a home page or an index page within the context of this software. /grumble

This site is in desperate need of major upgrades, and we’re working on it. Meanwhile, this will serve as the landing pad AND info about anything new.
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What’s new:

New Series: Solar Warden
Written as Ian Douglas, published by Harper
Book 1, Alien Secrets, was released June 30, 2020 (ISBN 978-0-06-282538-4)

The premise of the series is that the Solar Warden conspiracy theory is true. The aliens have visited Earth, we’ve reverse-engineered alien spacecraft and technology (or been given it by the aliens), we have a secret space fleet, the aliens are taking an active interest in the governing of our planet, and the government is keeping all this hidden from the public.

New Series: Andromedan Dark
Written as Ian Douglas, published by Harper
Book 1, Altered Starscape (2016), ISBN 978-0-06-237919-1
Book 2, Darkness Falling (2017), ISBN 978-0-06-237922-1

Almost Completed! Star Carrier
Written as Ian Douglas, published by Harper

Book 1, Earth Strike (2010), ISBN 978-0-06-184025-8
Book 2, Center of Gravity (2011), ISBN 978-0-06-184026-5
Book 3, Singularity (2012), ISBN 978-0-06-184027-2

Book 4, Deep Space (2013), ISBN 978-0-06-218380-4
Book 5, Dark Matter (2014), ISBN 978-0-06-218399-6
Book 6, Deep Time (2015), ISBN 978-0-06-218405-4

Book 7, Dark Mind (2017), ISBN 978-0-06-236898-0
Book 8,, Bright Light (2018), ISBN 978-0-06-236901-7
Book 9, Stargods, release date 11/24/2020, ISBN 978-0-06-236903-1

Re-release: Science of the Craft available as an ebook:

Science of the Craft (2014), Amazon

Re-release: Warstrider available as ebooks:
written as Ian Douglas, published by War Planet Press

Book 1, Warstrider (2014), Amazon
Book 2, Rebellion (2014), Amazon
Book 3, Jackers (2014), Amazon

Book 4, Symbionts (2014), Amazon
Book 5, Netlink (2014), Amazon
Book 6, Battlemind (2014), Amazon

NEW! Book 7, The Ten Billion Gods of Heaven (2015), Amazon

Well, this at least gets the basic info out there while my webster continues the search for software that works well for us.