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the planet Storm
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I tend to make photorealist art pieces as notes for my own reference during my writing, and sometimes pass them on to the publishers as sketches for their art departments when the book is complete. These images will include the aliens I'm working with in the current book, as well as spacecraft designs, equipment, and worlds.  This world is called Storm.

Two of Minds is set in the early 26th century, in the Star*Drive universe of a new SF role-playing game from Wizards of the Coast. Storm is a somewhat Earth-like moon of the gas giant Salamanca in the region known as The Verge. Subject to severe tidal stresses, cyclic climatic variations, and the effects of plunging through the gas giant's hydrogen-plasma "tail" during each orbit, Storm is a study in meteorological extremes. The life there has adapted to local conditions.

The panorama above shows "The Stone Ring," an artifact possibly raised by Storm's natives under the influence of an off-world intelligence. Also visible are several of the plant species native to Storm--the sail-like catcher plant, and a number of lightning-rod plants which store electrical energy from the air in organic underground batteries. The gas giant Salamanca is visible in the distance at left.

This illustration shows one of the more enigmatic artifacts on Storm, a glowing archway composed of thousands of rare fulgerite crystals, constructed over a period of centuries by the Storm natives, again under the influnce of an off-world intelligence. Somehow tapping the energy of the world of Storm itself, the archway proves to be a kind of gateway to ... someplace else.

All text and artwork copyright (c) William H. Keith
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