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Stargazing with friends
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Ever look up into a star-filled night's sky and wonder if there's someone out there, looking back? Do you wonder if there are other Minds out there, among that stellar vastness, wondering if they are alone?

I'm convinced of it.

At a conservative estimate, there are three hundred billion stars in this galaxy alone. Recent discoveries of a number of other planetary systems in our own galactic neighborhood demonstrate -- as has long been suspected -- that planetary systems are far from rare; they're common. Have a look at some of the Web sites in my links section that deal with new planetary systems, if you don't believe me. And the discovery of probable microfossils in a meteor blasted from the surface of Mars millennia ago proves that life is not unique to Earth ... and must arise wherever conditions give it a chance.

Life, in fact, must be common throughout the universe, a natural result of chemistry and energy. And elsewhere, as on Earth, competition and natural selection must have given rise to intelligence. Self-aware. Rational. And wondering. . . .

Shown are friends of mine, R'schevr'gha't and his two budlings, on their homeworld of Llweysht'ghvre, a world some fifteen thousand light years closer to the Galaxy's core than our sun. The Gh'veye of Llweysht'ghvre have little in common with Humankind physically, but they do share with us our intelligence, our ability to reason ... and our capacity for wonder.

And the night skies on Llweysht'ghvre are glorious....

All text and artwork copyright (c) William H. Keith
This page was last updated on 05/29/2011