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I took this shot of my daughter Heather on the Mall in Washington DC, when we were both considerably younger. As you can see, she's of the "They followed me home, can I keep them?" school of thought.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Heather is a member of Mensa, a Libertarian, an artist, a musician, a computer geek, a good shot with a .45, and she likes to jump out of airplanes and climb sheer, 60-foot rock cliffs for fun. She was home-schooled through her high school years and seems to have survived the process.

She is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After getting a minor in Design, she shifted over to Cognitive Science, a discipline that blends computer and AI science with cognitive psychology. CogSci is a multi-disciplinary field that suited her talents well.  She is interested in everything and loves both programming and psychology. But her artistic expertise overwhelmed her scientific talents, and she's now a successful professional artist.

Heather is a dangerous entity in her own right and is Not of This Earth. My suspicions were confirmed the evening a couple of alien Grays showed up and said, "Mr. Keith? Can Heather come out and play?"

A few years ago she and Andrei made me feel very old by presenting me with a grandson, Aiden.  He is Not of This Galaxy.  When the Grays show up to play with him, I hope she'll answer the same way I did.

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